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Mortgage debt increased again

The new figures from Statistics Netherlands, on the finances of households, show that in the third quarter of 2018 the outstanding mortgage debt of households increased by 1 billion euros. As a result, the mortgage debt has risen seven quarters in a row. The total outstanding mortgage debt of households rose to EUR 702 billion ….  Read More

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Debt prevention

  Debts lead to personal problems and social costs. Prevention is therefore important for all parties who come into contact with payment arrears. What is debt prevention? Prevention is preventing problems (in this case financial) from arising in advance. Prevention can also be used to prevent greater financial problems or repetition. The definition of debt ….  Read More

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Wedding, possessions and debts

Do you have wedding plans or do you enter into a registered partnership? In 2018, the rules on assets and liabilities that both partners contribute to the marriage are adjusted. You can choose together to set other agreements about this yourself. Standard: limited community of goods If you do not arrange anything, you are marrying ….  Read More

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