CiSCA calls on MPs to remain committed to defeating Bill 10



Civil Society Constitution Program (CISCA) Acting Chairperson Judith Mulenga called on all well-meaning MPs to remain committed to rejecting Bill 10 which is about to be reintroduced in the National Assembly.

Ms Mulenga said CiSCA did not believe the PF deputy chief whip’s claim that the ruling party now had the numbers to pass the bill.

She said the CiSCA knew the slowness in tabling Bill 10 after committee stage was due to the PF’s stark realization that it would not get the two-thirds majority required by the article 79 of our Constitution for the bill to be adopted. .

“UPND opposition MPs have always demonstrated that the Constitution is not a commodity for sale to the highest bidder but a document that should reflect the aspirations of the Zambian people who sent them to Manda Hill. The CiSCA therefore urges all independent UPND and like-minded MPs to hold on, finish the race and categorically reject and finally Bill 10.

The so-called ‘good clauses that will make the opposition cry’ if Bill 10 fails according to the pro mantra of Bill 10 have been as difficult to trace in the letter of Bill 10 as tears in the ‘water. The machinations were relentless and mind-boggling. First, Bill 10 focused on people when it was not. Next, Bill 10 would bring equity and offer young people, women and people with disabilities the opportunity to have secure seats in the National Assembly through proportional representation, otherwise, because the form and function of proportional representation would be “as prescribed”. ‘and no one other than the authors of Bill 10 knows how it would be prescribed, ”she said.

Ms Mulenga then said that the PF had clung to the recommendations of the special parliamentary committee in Nakacinda by blatantly lying that Bill 10 had been revised to take into account people’s concerns, when it was not. case.

She said the narrative had changed again on how Bill 10 will help resolve chieftaincy disputes, and yet amendment number 57 on the institution of chiefdom and traditional institutions and amendment 59 on the House of Chiefs and the functions only talk about the disputes referred to the House of Chiefs and the House of Chiefs. Function 4 (g) proposed by the House of Chiefs to resolve chieftaincy disputes would also be “as prescribed”.

“Then there was the unprecedented and totally illegal amendment bill republished with deletions!” And now the latest ploy of mentioning 10 so-called “Iscariot peepholes” in order to sow distrust and suspicion among the most stable and cohesive group of constitutional defenders is nothing less than a conspiracy. fable for children kalulu!

“The CiSCA begs the opposition MPs and indeed all well-meaning MPs to conclude the defense of the Constitution as required by Article 2 of the same Constitution. For the UPND and the independent deputies, it is a special plea that in a country where, despite tribalism prohibited by the same Constitution, Bill 10 seeks to fundamentally change, you are constantly “other” shamelessly by the PF leaders. The Constitution is your last resort and you must defend it at all costs. If the Constitution is changed, as prescribed, your party will for all intents and purposes be struck off and as individuals you will become persona non gratas in your own country, ”she reminded MPs.

She said the constant shameless tribal map waved by PF leaders everywhere they go has proven that it is impossible to legislate deeply rooted prejudices.

“You are almost at the finish line. Do not fall into the same trap that the PF rebels of 2010 fell into during the National Constitutional Conference and ended up losing even “the bone in the mouth” as the fable of the dog with a bone says, “he said. she declared.


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