Consumers are deeper in debt again in 2019

The Dutchman has a clear taste. Because the number of applications for consumer credit rose explosively this year (and especially in the third quarter)! Consumers tend to borrow money faster. It is apparently no longer a shame to invest deeper into debt. The numbers speak volumes …

Association of Finance Companies in the Netherlands

The Association of Finance Companies in the Netherlands informs the financial Telegraaf that there are probably many more loan applications from Dutch consumers due to the increasing confidence. The economy has been doing so well for years and the loan rate is so low that it is apparently a reason to get back to the bank for a loan more quickly.

Civil servants loans also record record numbers of credit applications

Just like the Association of Finance Companies in the Netherlands, the lender of civil servant loans also notes that more loans are being taken out. This lender provides loans only to civil servants and to employees of semi-public bodies.

Officials loan

They also provided many more new credit applications in the third quarter (2017). Apart is that. Normally, according to civil servant loans, loans are being applied for, especially in the first 2 quarters. In the third quarter, the number of applications is gradually decreasing. The number of loan applications increased by 40% in the third quarter of this year (compared to the same quarter last year).

Record amount of loans in 2016 exceeded in 2017

Presumably, by the end of 2017, many more loans will have been applied for than in 2016. In 2016, the counter ended at 2.1 billion euros. In the first two quarters of 2017 more loans were granted than in the first two quarters of last year.

Extremely low interest rates, according to Richard Jägers

As we mentioned, consumer confidence is increasing. This has mainly to do with the economy that once again runs as usual. People dare to go into debt again. But according to Richard Jägers, it is also essential to point out the extremely low interest rates . People now want to borrow cheap money . Who says that this will still be possible in 2018?


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