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It’s a new year, which means it’s a new year for the F1 series. The latest version sees a number of new things added to the game, such as career mode additions. Among those many additions to the first game under the new publisher EA, My Team has received a fresh coat of paint.

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My Team allows Formula 1 players and fans to create their own teams to compete against the best teams in the Formula 1 world with the aim of making Formula 1 history and winning glory for everyone involved. . My Team in F1 2021 works differently from other My Team modes, like NBA 2K with its different color cards for the pros. It’s not like that at all in F1 2021’s My Team mode. Here’s everything you need to know about this mode.

Customize the team to your liking

Character Customizing your driver's face

The game offers a lot of freedom to make your team totally unique compared to the others. Not only can you customize your team name and logo, but you can also create your own pilot who serves as the man in charge of everything and the digital representation of yourself if you wish.

Make sure you are absolutely happy with what you got because unlike other sports games you can’t go back and change them later so keep that in mind.

The choices of engine suppliers

Sponsors are the bread and butter of sport because that is where the money comes from and the money is very important in My Team. Before you start you will have the possibility to choose between four main sponsors: XXY, Monnaie Paris, Duotone and Lune. Each sponsor has different goals they want to be achieved and have varying amounts of signing bonus, goal bonus, and weekly earnings.

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There are also secondary sponsors to choose from which consist of a different number of brands. While they don’t provide as much money as the major sponsors, having them provides additional income in the long run.

Choose your engine is the next big thing because these are what will power your car. Auto sponsors have a performance and durability rating and may favor one over the other or be balanced. There are four choices you have which are Renault, Honda, Mercedes and Ferrari. Sponsors and engines can be changed but only between seasons.

Select your driver number two

Some of my team's starting riders for your number two role

Sometimes running alone can be tough, that’s where your number two rider comes in. run by your side and help you score points when you can’t. This is especially useful when you have activated realistic mechanisms, such as mechanical breakdowns.

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At the start, you can only choose one of the six drivers, all of whom are Formula 2 drivers, who don’t include anyone among the icons if you’ve enabled them. But after six months, when their contracts are over, you can choose whoever you want from the selection the game has to offer.

Control of R&D and departments

The tree of sustainability in the R&D section of the game

Even if you are a good driver, you need to constantly improve your car to make sure you stay on top. This is where Research and Development comes in. It focuses on four areas on a car: aerodynamics, chassis, powertrain and durability. Some areas will be more developed than others, so it is best to work on the less developed areas first.

Then there’s the departmental aspect of people building the tools to better improve everything about your F1 vehicle. This is divided into six categories, each of which has its own particular flavor. These categories are the four mentioned above, Marketing and Personnel.

This allows you to control just about every aspect of a car’s development. Upgrades take time to implement, however. so be sure to spend resource points as soon as you have them. Money is needed to fund these upgrades, while Research Points can help move the team forward.

Personnel and financial decisions

A decision to accept additional investment from a sponsor arises

Making tough decisions with real consequences has become more and more prevalent in video games, and F1 2021 has decided to go for it. While it might not be too complicated, you will need to make decisions that will affect the way things go for your team.

A decision may involve fight against staff burnout. While helping to relieve their stress will boost morale, it will also result in wasted money that could be spent on improving your vehicle. This is one of the many decisions you will need to make that will affect not only your staff, but the team as a whole and your chances of winning the championship and a place on the podium.

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