Ferrari makes ‘zero compromises’ as team aims for big improvement in 2022


Ferrari sporting director Laurent Mekies said the team never considered upgrading their 2021 car to meet McLaren’s challenge as their goal was to attack the 2022 season.

Ferrari and McLaren fought long and hard for third place in the Constructors’ Championship behind Red Bull and future winners Mercedes, and the Italian team only sealed their podium in the last race of the season.

But Mekies revealed that the team had never considered devoting resources to developing their car, but rather focusing their energies behind the scenes on its 2022 car, which Ferrari is hoping to have enough speed to challenge at the top of the standings. when new automotive engineering regulations come into effect. To obligate.

“The answer is no,” Mekies told Autosport when asked if the team had considered upgrading their 2021 model. “I think we were very clear from the start, we made the decision to move to 2022.

“We were hoping at the time, because we’re far enough away from McLaren, which is at the start of the season, we were hoping that we could eventually fight for third place. But we had chosen not to compromise for 2022. So it is probably the clearest answer I can give you today.

“We have been asked 25 times, and it’s impossible. The only development we had in the second half of the year was the hybrid, which is still something we will be using for next year.


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