Mercedes at the top in the hybrid era, but which team is in P2?


Mercedes was the lord and master of the hybrid era of Formula 1 that began in 2014. But in the eight years that have been driven around this time, the relationship between Red Bull Racing and Ferrari is particularly close. When it comes to podiums achieved, Red Bull only wins.

Red Bull Racing wins P2 in hybrid era

In 2022, major new regulations will be introduced in F1. The hybrid era is not over yet, F1 cars will continue to run with the additional electric motor, but a new phase in F1 appears to be starting. The cards can be shuffled again, so to speak. Looking back eight seasons with hybrid engines, Mercedes is the clear winner; Red Bull Racing follows and Ferrari is in third place.

Mercedes has scored 232 podiums since 2014. The team has done so with Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Valtteri Bottas. All these years the team managed to win the constructors ‘title as well, but this year they failed to win the drivers‘ title. The battle between the teams for P2 in the hybrid era promises to be particularly exciting. In eight years, Red Bull is on 102 podiums and Ferrari out of 100.

Verstappen takes almost a fifth of the total podiums

In the early part of the era, it was Red Bull chasing Ferrari and Mercedes, who slowly turned around until Ferrari fell in the middle of the pack in 2020 and 2021. In 2021, Max Verstappen has had a phenomenal year, winning eighteen podiums and almost a fifth of Red Bull’s total podiums over the past eight years.

In Abu Dhabi, Carlos Sainz managed to clinch the 100th podium for Ferrari at that time. Of course, that didn’t bring the team closer to Red Bull, as Verstappen won there and took his title. Behind Ferrari comes Williams in fourth place with 16 podiums. We would have almost forgotten, but the team was often “the best of the rest” until 2016 with Bottas and Felipe Massa at the wheel. McLaren takes fifth place with ten podiums.


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