Name all of Sebastian Vettel’s teammates in Formula 1

Some of them will immediately come to mind, but not all of them. Do you remember each of Sebastian Vettel’s teammates in Formula 1?

Vettel announced ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend that the 2022 season would be his last in Formula 1.

And it has certainly been no ordinary career – 53 race wins, 57 pole positions and of course those four world championships at Red Bull in successive seasons between 2010-13.

Vettel’s Formula 1 chapter began in 2007, with the German racer making a very strong impression on his debut, which set him up for this brilliant career to come.

And over the years Vettel has called eight different drivers his teammate. Do you know them all? You have four minutes to find out.

We imagine you’ll guess those from his time at Red Bull and beyond pretty quickly, although your clue being the number of races together it’s not that simple.

After taking this quiz, how about trying to name all of Fernando Alonso’s teammates in Formula 1? Alonso is of course the driver who will take Vettel’s place at Aston Martin from 2023.

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But first, it’s time to name Vettel’s teammates in Formula 1. Please note that we are only looking for drivers who have been on the grid alongside Vettel in the same team, so practice outings do not count. not. Good luck!

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