New registration codes in the BKR for home sales with residual debt


Are you selling your house and is there a chance of a residual debt? Then you will have to deal with the new registration codes from the Credit Registration Office. Since 1 January 2017, the BKR has introduced two new codes for recording the residual debt on sale.

Registration of sales with a residual debt after 1 January 2017

From 1 January 2017, the BKR has introduced two new registration codes for sales with a residual debt remaining. The remaining debt will now be separately registered with the BKR. A distinction is made between claim and no claim to the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) . With this guarantee you have a safety net when you have to sell the property and a residual debt remains. NHG looks together with you for a solution or scolds the debt when it really can not be otherwise.

The registration code RH for residual debt mortgage without entitlement to NHG
This code is put behind your name in the BKR, when you have created a residual debt after the sale of your home and there is no claim on NHG. The residual debt is not equally financed by own money or a new mortgage. You do not claim the NHG and therefore you will have to pay the remaining debt yourself.

The registration code RN for residual debt mortgage with entitlement to NHG
When you claim the NHG and do not directly finance the residual debt, you will find this code on your BKR registration. Two options are then possible. With the first option you have full remission of the residual debt by the NHG. You will then no longer have any debt and your registration on the BKR will also be closed. With the second option you do not have to cancel the remaining debt and therefore you have to finance this yourself. You will have to make arrangements for the reimbursement and this will also be registered.

Registration of sales with a residual debt for 2017

If you sold your house before 1 January 2017 and were left with a residual debt, there were a few options. You could namely:

  • Immediately repay the residual debt with your own money
  • Allow the remaining debt to be canceled due to the NHG
  • To co-finance the residual debt in the new mortgage for your new home
  • Take out a loan to finance the residual debt

If you opt for the last option, the loan was registered with the BKR. This was then registered in the form of the loan or credit you concluded. Often a personal loan or a current loan.

What does a registration with the BKR mean?

If you have a registration with the BKR, this does not always have to be disadvantageous. If you do not have payment arrears and you pay your debts cleanly every month, your BKR will not be negative. You will then be able to borrow a lower amount when you take out a new mortgage, loan or credit. If you do have payment arrears, your BKR will be negative. You can not apply for a mortgage, loan or credit. This can go so far that you can not buy a lease car or a phone with a new subscription.



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