Norris and Ricciardo not the dream team we were hoping for: “Different interests”



When it was announced that Daniel Ricciardo would be Lando Norris’ new teammate at McLaren, many viewers were already on the edge of their seats in anticipation of all manner of funny scenes. The combination of Norris and Carlos Sainz often made people laugh, as did the “dynamic duo” Ricciardo formed with Max Verstappen at Red Bull Racing. However, the magic between the two is now lacking, but why?

The reason lies in part in the difference in interests of the drivers. “We get along and laugh with each other and we are good friends, but our interests off the track are just very different,” Norris said in conversation with “It’s more into wine and clothing making, while I’m more into golf and esports. Carlos was a bit more into that, so sometimes we would go golf together or race on the simulator. “

The key to Norris’ success

Norris has also gotten more serious as a driver, which has been evident in his interviews lately and the fact that he is less found online on his Twitch channel. “I think I am concentrating more than before and spending more time on the important things, like focusing on driving and getting good performance.” the 21-year-old Briton told us.

The key, according to the McLaren driver, is spending more time with his engineers, and less time chatting and having fun. It might be a little less fun for his fans, but this approach seems to be working. In 2020, Norris was already showing great things, a line he has continued in the current Formula 1 season. He is currently one of the championship’s most consistent drivers, facing Sergio Perez for third place.

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