Ra.One – Superheld with Herz (2011)

Well this movie grossed very well at the box office, ticket prices almost doubled in many centers in the first week of its release, won’t it win loads, yes, with the crazy Star fans , he will surely recover.

Let’s start with the criticism: this movie would be the crappy of all time and no one could beat it, it’s kind of a record.

History: I would definitely suggest Abhinav Sinha to join this course, if we have one. Where does that bastard Shekar live in London and he’s a software engineer / game designer he can’t pronounce the word “Keys” and he pronounces like it’s “Kiss” and the intro scene is enough to tell you that the status of the entire film. This kind of torture continues to happen in the movie in the form of “nipple press”, Kareena articulating some “Shit”, “Condom Condom” and also has a nipple press. Best or worst is “iski lee, uski lee, sabki lee” well this movie made all the people who watched this shit and paid the tickets.

The movie would have been good if all of the above nonsense had been ruled out. The story is about a laid-back, good-humored father (Shekar – SRK) trying to impress his geeky son (Prateek aka Lucifer – Aarmaan). For this he creates an interactive game in which Villa n is unbeatable – Ra.One. But Ra.one with his artificial intelligence and the advanced technology available is able to exit the game, kill Lucifer, who almost defeated him in the game. To counter Ra.One, G.one is removed from the game in the game. real world. Then the film is about the good that wins over the bad with a lot of boom boom.

Note: The concept was good, but the implementation was similar to Indian Daily Soaps, the movie felt too long due to all the nonsense I mentioned above. 2/10 Actor: Aarmaan (Prateek) and to some extent Arjun Rampal were good. SRK, please watch your previous movies and learn for yourself what you did in this movie is not acting !! Kareena, you’re just an Eye-Candy, do you think you had anything to prove in this movie, other than saying *******, but money matters. Others were just hanging around. (Thank goodness Jackie Chan didn’t agree to be a part of this movie) Rating: 0/10 (1 is horrible and 0 is disgusting) Video Effects: Only this part of the movie made sense and only this part held the people glued to their seats, otherwise people would have left the theaters during the intermission.

Rating: 8/10 My sympathies go out to the publisher of the film, who allegedly watched lengths and lengths of crap and cut the film to such an extent. I’m definitely sure he would have wanted to cut a lot more and save us torture, but he didn’t succeed with the big boss – SRK blowing his neck.

My overall rating for this film is therefore 3/10. My recommendation, if you like to torture someone, take them to this movie. In case you want to dump your boyfriend or girlfriend take them to this movie, meanwhile yell “I hate you a lot” and get out. The pain of watching this movie would certainly make them forget the pain of the breakup.

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