Sick of debts


Social Work Netherlands organized a meeting this year in Utrecht for P & O employees in the care and welfare sector (OPOF). Martine Broere, business developer training at Bank, spoke about poverty and debts with employees in the Netherlands. Because how many organizations actually have employees with financial problems?

Martine asked this question to those present in the room. Only three employers raised their hands and acknowledged employees with financial problems. Her second question was as follows: who has one or more employees with a wage bill? Almost all those present raised their hands.

No less than 46% of employers are faced with wages. And more than half of all Dutch employers (62%) have to deal with personnel with financial problems. After a quiz in which the knowledge of the P & O employees was tested, Martine went further into the topic of employees and debts.

Impact of money worries on the work floor

Money concerns have a great influence on people. Employees with money worries suffer from stress and are more susceptible to fraud and theft. Moreover, these employees are more often ill and the productivity is reduced. By providing information, training or offering tools you can prevent financial problems among employees. But also getting the subject out of the taboo and making it open to discussion internally is of great importance.

Make your employees financially fit

How do you ensure that employees with financial worries become financially fit?

  1. Discuss the situation with employees
  2. Create a safe environment
  3. Be cautious about advances and loans
  4. Engage a confidential counselor, company social worker or health and safety doctor
  5. Use one of Bank’s workshops or training on this subject

Bank offers a wide range of information, advice and services, especially for employers. For example, it can support Bank in prevention, but also in solving financial problems in the workplace.


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