Six tips for a good personal payday loan

Personal payday loan is the best known form of consumer credit. It is used to finance goods and services according to the principle of monthly payments, the amount of which is fixed according to the duration and the interest rate.

The Consumer Code regulates consumer credit to protect the borrower from over-indebtedness and at the same time obliges him to fulfill his obligations, including repayment of the credit granted.

Always know the duration and the rate


The tips for having a good Personal payday loan exist. Just apply them well.

First tip. The most important thing is to master your loan. It is necessary to identify the project in order to have an idea of ​​the amount to ask. Then you must know your debt capacity which is related to the level of your monthly income and your monthly expenses.

It will be necessary to reason in the long term and to know if your professional situation is stable enough to accompany you in this step. The problems do not arise for small sums but the 20 000 euros, you have to think carefully before deciding.

Second tip. To have a lower rate play on the “without proof”. How? Banks do not require coins to justify your request for a Personal payday loan. But that does not stop you from motivating him by presenting documents. This reassures the lender of your intentions.

Third tip. It is necessary to learn about the rates practiced on the financial market. This approach includes knowledge of insurance and ancillary costs. We must choose only what is necessary.

We must always reassure the lending institution

We must always reassure the lending institution

Fourth tip. Always negotiate with the lender. The Personal payday loan is simple, flexible but it is recommended to always benefit from the most attractive conditions. It is necessary to reduce the duration of the loan and the cost. The Personal payday loan rate is fixed and you have to negotiate to arrive at the lowest APR.

Fifth tip. Do not take out more than one consumer loan at a time. Two at most three. This is far enough unless you take out one of the two credits or you have as high as regular income.

You have to rely on the online simulator

loan online

The sixth tip is to compare all the offers on the Personal payday loan which is, remember it, unaffected. Rates therefore vary from one lender to another. And they are set by these bodies. This is why you have to go to the simulator to establish a necessary inventory.

It allows the borrower to know everything about all the elements of his request. The online broker will give him all the advice he needs before submitting his loan application. She can conclude online with the lender of her choice.