Vettel satisfied with contract extension for “future champion” Aston Martin



There have been recurring rumors in the paddock about Sebastian Vettel and his diminished love for the sport. The German is said to have lost the holy fire and hung up his racing helmet at the end of the season. Still, the Heppenheimer “just” signed a new contract with Aston Martin, so he can be admired in F1 again next year.

Aston Martin soon to be champion?

After a stormy entry into Formula 1 that won him numerous world titles, Vettel struggled in Ferrari’s snake pit. The German has spent most of his last seasons in the visibly unhappy Italian team in the paddock. Although he is less eligible for the podiums at Aston Martin, with the exception of Baku 2021, Vettel is still happy to be part of the project that Lawrence Stroll wants to build with Aston Martin.

TO Air sports Vettel is asked if another fifth title is in store for him. While it seems unlikely, Vettel at least expects Aston Martin to win titles: “I think the team is growing and I think the team will be successful. Of course it is very difficult if not impossible to predict how long it will take, but the team is committed to this goal tremendously and I think that the The team is preparing everything well to achieve this goal. ”

Rule changes

And the goal towards which Aston Martin is working is therefore directly a key reason to stay in F1: “So it’s very exciting to be a part of that and to build with that. And the rule changes next year are very exciting. Everyone is excited to see what it does, what it does for the balance of power on the ground. But we can ‘To answer that right now, we have to wait and see until next year.’


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