Week of the money – Ellen saved her children from her debts


Ellen saved her children from her debts

Perhaps you have heard the commercials: it is the week of money. Initiator Wijzer in geldzaken wants during this week students from primary schools learn how to handle money. As a result, the foundation is laid for early financial adequacy in their adult life. During the week of the money we put the savings on current credits in the spotlight. For example, through Consumind Finance last week Ellen ensured that her children would not get in trouble later because of her loans.

Ellen has our credit specialist Brenda Jelmorini look at her current loans. Each month Ellen and her partner had to pay € 1,048 in their loans. However, she only paid the interest on one current loan so that a debt would always remain open. Something that Ellen and her partner would rather not want because of the future of their children.

Brenda has ensured that she now has two personal loans with low interest rates, with which she can pay off loans she had. She pays more repayment monthly for these two personal loans, but she is fully indebted after 10 years and saves € 68,177 in total . We are very happy that this solution helps Ellen and her family. Below the reaction from Ellen:

Hello Brenda,

Thank you very much for all your efforts and the good news.

We are pleased and relieved with this solution and explanation. Rather, do not pay € 100.00 more per month over 10 years than indefinitely in debt and € 68177.00 more to be lost. This also gives air for later to my children. With this we do not burden them with our problems.


Do you also have loans and do you want to see if you can pay less for this and / or can redeem earlier? Contact Consumind Finance. Our credit specialists are happy to see what they can mean for you free of charge.

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